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Instructions for Use: use when the skin is dry, not wet. Stir product until it is completely mixed and appears to the consistency of applesauce. Apply pea-sized amount to the palm of one hand. Scrub hands just as if washing them, between the fingers, back of hands, and pay special attention to the cuticles. Continue scrubbing until all trace of the salt is gone. Rinse and air dry or simply pat dry. The softness will last 3 to 5 days. Use twice a week. To use as a whole body scrub, use pea-sized amount to each area of the body preferred and the same instructions apply as to the hands. Will last for one year on your shelf, but keep out of the sun. After a year’s time, place in the refrigerator where it will last indefinitely.
For treatment of psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, athlete’s foot or any other fungal or bacterial skin condition: use instructions above for hands, and apply to affected areas of skin. Repeat three times daily for one to four days until skin returns to a normal condition. Wean down to once per day and then to twice weekly. Should the condition reappear, immediately return to three times daily regimen. For severe cases: after use, once product returns to normal consistency, tap fingers into oils and apply liberally to affected areas after scrubbing for added treatment. Also effective for insect bites and stings, chaffed skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, dandruff and dry scalp. Safe and recommended for pets with sensitive skin.
Dead Sea Salt – Receive three times faster healing on any cuts, abrasions and burns, including sunburns, using Dead Sea salt, versus sea salt, due to high sodium concentration. Grapeseed Oil – Moisturizes; easily absorbed by skin; reduces age spots; therefore anti-aging; minimizes damage caused by free radicals and then promotes skin repair. Contains antioxidants that reduce skin damage and encourage the body to produce more collagen and elastin which leads to younger, fresher skin (making it very effective in reducing stretch marks – promoting elasticity). Rosemary Oil – Promotes healing of the skin. Rice Oil – Moisturizes; heals; Geisha added leftover rice water from washing/cooking rice to their bath water. Tea Tree Oil – Contains so many anti-viral and anti-fungal benefits the Australian army puts this oil in its soldiers’ 1st aid kits. Birch Tree Oil – Disinfectant, insect repellant, treats acne and dry skin. Peppermint Oil – Opens pores and relieves itching. Lemongrass Oil – Insect repellant. Apricot Kernal Oil – Rejuvenates skin cells. Avocado Oil – Vitality and glowing skin (luminosity); treats eczema and psoriasis. Jojoba Oil – Antioxidant and excellent moisturizer; treats acne and anti-aging. Tropical formula contains mango oil for scent. All natural.
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